10 July 2007

Hey You!

I found this article a little tiresome. I watched Live Earth on the Sundance Channel, only switching stations when rappers or screamers were playing. However, I am older than the demographic that Nielsen tracks and saw no reason to switch to NBC, so my viewing does not count. I guess it is all a numbers game, after all . . .

I did see that thousands of people were searching for and downloading the video of Hey You by Madonna. It has been downloaded over 260,000 times on YouTube and there are 17 other videos that have either been rewritten, overdubbed or otherwise remade by others. These also have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

I have embedded the Hey You video below. Warning! It is extremely graphic and may be upsetting to some. However, nothing it displays is as awful as the truth of what is going on in the environment today. Sometimes, the truth is painful.

Advertising Age - Digital - Online Live Earth Traffic Soars, TV Viewing Slumps- read article
A few quotes from the article:
  • MSN, the event's exclusive global internet partner, reported that more than 10 million streams were initiated July 7, the day of the show.

  • Live Earth organizers suggest that up to 80% of the total views could happen via video on demand after the event, meaning most of the traffic for the concerts is yet to come, further proof that people are interested in media on their own terms.

  • According to Nielsen Media Research, 2.7 million people (or 0.9 rating/3 share in the 18 to 49 demographic) tuned in for the Saturday evening broadcast on NBC; the network's regular summer Saturday night average is 3 million viewers.

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Anonymous said...

hey!!1 but i bet u can never feel boring if u start watching Fox prison Break!! it's awesome!!!!

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