28 July 2007

Smorty : Get Paid to Blog

Smorty offers a service for advertisers who want to build buzz about their website, product or service. Advertisers create a campaign for some blog advertising. Smorty will line up all the blog advertising by offering the review to different blog for money bloggers. Some will have high-ranking blogs and some may be new with a loyal readership base.

Bloggers get a chance to get paid to blog by writing reviews of the advertisers' products, services and websites. Bloggers only accept the campaigns that fit their blog.

Smorty has its own method of ranking blogs. There are 20 different features that Smorty look for in a blog. This is only the initial rank. After completing assignments on time and with quality work, Smorty will offer you the higher-paying opportunities.

As a bonus for both advertisers and bloggers, Smorty offers a free Easy SEO Guide that shows you how to optimize your web pages and how to increase your inbound links. Of course, the number one way to increase traffic and build buzz is to use Smorty.

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