16 September 2007

Dance the Bachata !

I have always wanted to learn to ballroom dance. I grew up watching movies with Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and other stars who danced in long, flowing gowns in the arms of the epitome of tall dark and handsome men.

Vie the bachata video (below).

If you would like to learn how to dance the bachata, this DVD set would be the way to do it.

Alas, I will only be dancing in my dreams! One dip and that would be me on the floor calling for pain medicine! LOL


simon said...

well written, interesting, and beautiful blog.
I thought about including a link to your site on my blog.

if you ever get the chance, come visit me back


my blog is www.BrawnyHunk.com (not nearly as superficial as it sounds ;-) )

CyberCelt said...

@simon-I followed you to your blog and you are right, it is not as superficial as it sounds! LOL

Matt said...

Ballroom and latin dancing is a ton of fun. I teach ballroom and latin dancing in the Chicago area and have seen a resurgence in the popularity of Salsa, Bachata, and Cumbia in the last few years. I'm really excited to see dance becoming more popular again!


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