13 September 2007

vTap - Mobile Search Engine for Videos

Download vTap and get the next generation of web video experience for your cell phone.
Our vTap solution is a quick and easy way to experience web videos from input and display constrained devices such as mobile phones and TVs. It’s an elegant web video solution that puts the power of searching, browsing and viewing of web videos at the fingertips of consumers – including on the new iPhone.
This is extremely cool. You just start typing and folders come up. I was searching for Jon Steward and only had to type Jon before the folder appeared (see below).
vTap mobile search engine for videos screenshot
Then you just click the folder to view the contents. Note the time/date stamp of the videos clips below. Somehow, vTap has ramped up search engine indexing to warp speed.

vTap video search engine for your cell phone

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