27 October 2007

Blogging with a social conscience on Thoughts.com

Thoughts.com is a FREE social network and blogging community that provides unlimited bandwidth so that members may write personal blogs, comment on news items and on the forum topics, and share photographs, video clips and podcasts.

Thoughts.com has a member-rating system that allows you to rate the items submitted by other members, such as blog posts, photos or videos. The system averages all the ratings to calculate an overall score for each item. Once you have achieved a score of 4 or more, you may post to the public areas of Thoughts.com.

If you refer a friend to Thoughts.com and they become an active member, you win one entry into the monthly contest, where one member receives a free 6-month subscription to Netflix. There is also another contest for a trip to Las Vegas, but you have to be one of the Top Five bloggers on Thoughts.com! So if you are a power blogger, you could win an all-expense paid visit to Las Vegas this year!

I was really impressed by the information provided by Thoughts.com on charities. Thoughts.com suggests that you visit Charitynavigator.org, a website that provides financial ratings of thousands of nonprofit organizations and charities. The suggested charities on Thoughts.com are: Heal the Ocean, National Alliance to End Homelessness, Save the Children and Amnesty International.

Thoughts.com: free blog, free video and podcast hosting, forums and a social conscience. I like it!

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