05 October 2007

The Mad Gringo Teaches Us to Go Slow

Mad Gringo Logo
Mad Gringo

Mad Gringo is a purveyor of fine hawaiian shirts and the Go Slow way of life. The Go Slow way of life is one that you will find in small coastal towns, amongst the redwood forests of the northwest, in many areas in Texas along rivers and back roads. Go Slow is any time that people live life with pleasure, enjoy what they do, and work at what they love, if they work at all. Think of a cross between Jimmy Buffet and Willie Nelson and you have the Go Slow way of life wired.

Mad Gringo Hawaiian shirtsMad Gringo Hawaiian Shirts

The Mad Gringo shirts are made of rayon for easy wash and wear. All shirts have coconut buttons, a straight cut at bottom with side vents, and they all come with the Mad Gringo Go Slow Guarantee. Each shirt comes with a description of how you will feel when you hold it in your hands and wear it.

For you Go Slow purists there is one cotton shirt called the Wave Runner. It is an electric blue wash background with islands, surfboards, sailing canoes, palm trees and wahines in grass skirts. This is the shirt you think of when anyone says Hawaiian shirt.

Seriously, these are some of the finest Hawaiian shirts I have seen, and I have had at least three friends who wore nothing but Hawaiian shirts.

Sarongs and PareosSarongs and Pareos

The Mad Gringo, sponsor of this post, carries sarongs and pareos (for the ladies or the very confident gentlemen), t-shirts for males and females, and accessories, like stickers and signs.

If you need more help with the Go Slow lifestyle, order a shirt and wear it. Listen to Do Ho records and get a wave machine. It will come to you.


Da Kine Hawaiian Aloha said...

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