06 March 2008

Video Search Optimization

The Internet abounds with "how-to" guides. Usually, the information is dated. Frequently, the information contains an attempt to sell you something or have you join programs in the downline of the author.

However, if you use videos in your marketing, the Video Search Optimization for Social Networking Sites and Search Engines is something you will want to read and to bookmark. Covering the complex subject of video search marketing and social networking optimization, this article on www.advmediaproductions.com is extremely detailed.

The SEO and SEM plan for video and social networks includes keywords and site maps, as well as the use of Meta data, certain file formats and thumbnails. Then you will need to submit your video for indexing and build links to your video.

And we thought SEO was only for web pages and blogs!


Dee said...

What about copyright infringement when downloading youtube videos for example. Do you think the shortened length will be a defence to any potential claims?

CyberCelt said...

@dee-YouTube have a pretty robust DMCA policy and they pull videos quickly when they are identified as containing copyrighted materials.

This article is about optimizing marketing videos from the first so that they are indexed and easily found on search engines.

Thanks for the comment.

Dee said...

Hey cybercelt nice reply to my comment on my blog. I don't practice in the States and my blog is more a place to vent/kvetch than anything else. Also IP is not my area of expertise. I guess however that my legal antennae do quiver on certain issues s0 I might consider a post on my site linking to you or a guest post. By no means would advice be given to readers however. I'd send it to you first if I do though. OK?

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