03 April 2008

Need a banner? Get a banner.

I am now ADMIN for a top list, a banner-based advertising system. I was amazed at how many bloggers do not have a banner. I know that banners are old-school, but they do have their place in the advertising world.

Did you know that you can get a dynamic banner from Feedburner that displays your most current blog headlines?

CoolAdzine for Marketers

You may selected black or white background in several sizes

Texas RV Travel : Travel Like a Native

A seasonal background that automatically changes

Losing Proposition

Or, add the banner to your email.

Advertising for Success

If you want to try your hand at designing your own, please feel free to download these blank banners. Right-click Banner Template Download and save as to your desktop. Then click the banner_template.exe file to extract the banners to a new folder.


Anonymous said...

downloaded it, but...how can you make the animations?!?! These are background, but i don't have idea on how to make them move like your text! I think it's a gorgeous resource but a little more tutorial on how to animate? c'mon pleeeeeeeeeaseeeee :D

CyberCelt said...

@monica-I followed you back to your blog, but it is not in English and I do not know the language. If you stop by again, the animated banners are from Feedburner.com.

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