19 October 2008

Blog Your Blessing : My Faith

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Today, while my health worsens and breathing leaves me with doubts;
Today, while my son remains in trouble beyond my power to correct;
Today, while depression draws me into deep abysmal fear.
Today, of all the days of the year, I must remember my faith.

I must trust He can turn my son around and put him on his path where the Lord wants him.
I must have faith in God that I will be well again and trust that pain is not remembered.

I must remember my faith today. It is all I have in this world that matters and I could easily lose it. I must remember my faith today.

I am in need of spiritual help. I ask you, my friends the Blog Your Blessing bloggers, to stop and say a simple prayer that CyberCelt remembers her faith today. Thank you!

The Blue Panther Experience is host for Blog Your Blessings Sunday. Visit the blog, grab the blogroll code, add it to your blog, and leave a comment on Blue Panther Experience. Next Sunday, post your blessing. We are of all faiths, creeds and races, so everyone is welcome. Join us on Sunday as we blog our blessings.

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Jackie said...

I shall keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

SandyCarlson said...

I am sorry for your physical and emotional pain right now, Eileen. So very sorry. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers today. I wish you strength and peace as you face these challenges. You are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath. Listen to your breath attune itself to the rhythm of the cosmos. You don't have to remember your faith when you can feel it. Listen to that calm small voice inside you for the wisdom and strength that you need.

And - in case no-one is saying the words that everyone wants to hear when situations are painful and difficult: "There, there. Everything is going to be all right."

PERBS said...

I think you have done that by acknowledging your need for help! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

kuanyin333 said...

I'm here to say as you requested to remember your Faith. Remember the angels work in strange and mysterious ways. My prayers are with you in your challenging times.

Anonymous said...

May the Divine wrap you in love and carry you through this time.

Anonymous said...

M sorry for your health. Hope you will be well soon. N i have seen trust never fails, so don't worry. Everything will be fine with you. :-)

Anonymous said...

The health is most important thing.I wish you a quick return to health.

Anonymous said...

One doesn't needs to remember the faith when you can feel it. Listen to that calm small voice inside you for the wisdom and strength that you need.

Anonymous said...

Hey don't worry everything will be fine again. My prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in a strong Christian family and I've been taught at a very young age to pray for those around me before I pray for myself. This has taught me so much about myself and about God. And when I focus on God and others before myself then I am truely happy. I pray for you and any others who are in pain right now. Just remember that you're never ever alone. Even if you don't believe in God, He's still there! -M

CyberCelt said...

@shinade-God bless you.

@sandy-God love you for caring.

@heidi-I was waiting for those words.

@perbs-Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

@Kuanyin-God love you girl.

@witches-keep sending the healing.

@Bharti-Thank you for your positive wishes.

@Limoeg-Thanks for visiting today.

@jeffrey-Sometimes it is hard for me to keep the faith when I have been so ill for so long.

@monty-Bless you for that.

@Ashikos-What a wonderful upbringing. I do not think I learned the power of prayer for others until I was much older.

The Country Fox said...

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The Country Fox said...

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