20 October 2008

Find the Best Hosting Company for Your Needs

Have you noticed all the web hosting companies on the Internet, lately? Seems like every day I see a new hosting provider, each offering a different incentive to get your business. Web hosting has gone down in cost, but it is hard to compare the services offered by each web hosting company. It is not exactly like comparing apples and oranges, is it? Some web hosts give you a free domain name with hosting, bill by the month or year, give you a discount for a longer term contract, offer add-ons like Front Page extensions or SQL or provide unlimited bandwidth or charge for it.

On a basic level, there are four choices for web hosting. In a shared server environment, the web hosting company owns and manages the server, upgrades, maintenance and support. You pay a set amount per month, with extra charges for options you may choose, like extra bandwidth or storage, extensions or security certificates. Virtual hosting is a method that web hosting companies use to host more than one domain name on the same computer, sometime with the same IP.

WebHostingRating.com has a searchable web hosting directory for web hosting providers and web hosting plans, promotional and discount coupons and consumer reviews. Web Hosting Rating provides a useful service that locates the hosting companies, determines the services offered and pricing structure, finds stats on reliability and uptime, and finds consumer reports on technical support and customer service. Go to their website and check the web hosting rating of any web hosting companies.

Search for web hosts that have won web hosting awards or search by type of hosting, such as Unix, Windows, Reseller, VPS, dedicated, collocation or managed hosting or by content management systems like Drupal, MODx, Wordpress, b2evolution, phpBB, vBulletin, SMF, Coppermine or PHPWiki. Web Hosting Rating has web hosting tutorials and articles to help you understand important concepts like CPanel or FTP.

Make your next web hosting decision based on the ratings of consumers like yourself and updated information on prices and packages. Visit Web Hosting Rating.


Anonymous said...

reliability is the most important thing. always choose a company that is in business for a considerable period.
let the others try the new ones :-)

Anonymous said...

With resources like this I wonder why people still choose mediatemple.

Myron Tay

Anonymous said...

Choosing a reliable company is always the hardest when it comes to pricing unless you pay for the best one your going to get superb results as to going to a cheaper one that is good for the price yet the hosting service is terrible.

Anonymous said...

Well I have learned something about hosting companies since 1996 when I started with my first website. I suggest not using a company that forces you to use their templates for your site. The first thing you should ask is "Can I ftp my own html pages to your server?" Next question, "Can I have a dedicated IP address?" Most services are based on hundreds of sites sharing the same IP address, which makes it harder for you to optimize your site. If your site is for your business, and it is your only means of support, you can afford an extra $3.00 a month for a dedicated IP address. I would like to give you a link to where I host, but this blog doesn't link to commercial sites. But you can probably just type the address in yourself, its www.papazilla.com. I use the cheapest plan when I want to set up a single site, and the second cheapest when I want to set up multiple sites all on one IP address. They don't charge you anything extra for the additional sites, so you can have about 100 sites for about $10. pe month. The other great thing about this company is they have 24/7 US based tech support. No difficult accents or people reading from scripts. They always understand my question and give me a good answer in a minute or two. Also, they don't leave you on hold. Some companies leave you on hold for a half hour or so, but this company answers the phone within about 1 or 2 minutes. Just my opinion!!!

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