17 November 2008

The Faster the Speed - The Bigger the Mess

Warning: graphic wreck

This is the most effective advertisement for slowing teen drivers down on the road I have seen. It is extremely graphic, but for teens who are playing video games that show guts and blood and heads rolling, it will shock them.

If you do not have a reckless teenager driver, PLEASE skip watching this video. If you have a teen like mine that thinks going 110 mph is "fun," email it to him or her.


Anonymous said...

OMGs, even with yr warning I was unprepared for this. Hopefully it will save lives!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in today's world it takes messages like this one to actually make a point and get through. It's tough to get through to teens and young adults-

Anonymous said...

I do not have a wreckless teen but I thought I´d watch the video anyway.. I now feel a little ill. Everyone who died was so young and yet that scum will live to see the light of day again! A lot of things in life are just not fair but there ARE some things which can be prevented!


Anonymous said...

Yes Monica..Iagree..They were so young..I stay in Mumbai(INDIA). You must have heard the recent terrorist attacks in two 5start hotels and may of then died..even from them there were children and many young people.

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