02 July 2009

Make Your Twitter Prettier for Free

Update your Twitter theme easily using free tools available online. There are many resource sites for free and custom Twitter backgrounds, themes and buttons. Here are a few that I found.

Complete Themes

My number one choice for ease of use is: Twitter Gallery - Pick a free twitter theme by category or color and then have it automatically installed on Twitter. Ten minutes, max.

Use a visual designer with more options: PrettyTweet - Use the on site WYSIWYG editor to design your free Twitter theme. Add, crop and adjust image, change border, link or text color. Post theme automatically to Twitter and have background image emailed to you. Twenty or more minutes.

Backgrounds Only

cheth Studios - Free background pictures (PSD format) from DeviantArt.

FreeTwitter Designer - Create free Twitter backgrounds using an on site tool.

SweetTweet - Cute, fun free backgrounds organized by categories.

TwitterImage - Free Twitter background pictures by category.


Merry said...

Twitter is significantly improved business and increased profit company. I am very grateful for that. Thanks for the background. I will download them for my collection.

iwan setiawan said...

thanks for sharing background..i've optimezed my twitter yet...good luck my friend

Victor said...

These are very useful sources in customizing my Twitter page. I haven't really thought much about designing my Twitter page, but with these sources, I think it will be much easier.

kuanyin333 said...

Aloha...dropping by to read you BYB post, but since it's not there, I'm going to say aloha anyways!

Trusting things and life are on the upswing for you, and you're having a great summer!


Foundations Office lady said...

Makes me realize I have no more excuses for not updating my twitter page. I just don't seem to have time to keep up with all this time saving stuff.

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