06 May 2010

Search Boost and Xmarks Beta

MediaPost Publications Web Browser Add On Aims To Improve Paid-Search Click-Throughs By 15%
. . . SearchBoost, aims to give search ads a boost of credibility by showing the ratings and rankings from others who have downloaded the Web browser add-on, too. Xmarks [add-on] counts more than four million active add-ons in use by people who have downloaded the Xmarks browser add-on. Those users do about 450 million searches monthly.
A 30-day test with 200,000 searchers measured the clickthrough rates on ads and found that click-through rates increased by 15 percent for advertisements that showed SearchBoost data. Tests with REI, 1800Flowers, RitzCamera.com and theFind.com afforded similar results.

Check it out here: Xmarks Beta

1 comment:

Peter Germany said...

Agree - Xmarks is really worth installing.
Really useful in everyday routine.

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