19 April 2013

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Due to illness, this blog is not currently being updated.  Please feel free to search for articles of interest or to read older post.  Thank you for reading my blog all these years and I hope to be back up on my feet soon. Blessings, prayers and positive thoughts are appreciated.

Eileen aka CyberCelt

12 December 2012

How Much is that Santa in the window?

I am beginning to hate Christmas.  Besides for the flashing ads that take center stage on the page, there are automatons that want to provide customer services blurbs. They cannot tell you where anything is, but they will talk to you, sign you up for a credit card and probably steal your credit by the time you find the X that will close the window.

Have you noticed the Xs on different positions on popups?  Like it is not bad enough you are seeing this ad, you also have to find the moving Xs to close it.  The Christmas season must be provide the creative impetus to develop new and different ways to ignore shoppers.

I would and do happily watch a short trailer before some YouTube movies.  The movies is loading and the commercials are tasteful.

The absolute worse are the games on Facebook. that keep trying to make you upgrade, buy special potions, extra lives, more energy, etc.

When did Christmas become so commercial? Lets get back to traditions.

02 December 2012

Real-Time Content Marketing Strategies

 Good book review on Search & Social.  The SearchBlog (Media Post) reviews book on content management by iCrossing VP of Strategy Rob Garner.

The best advice on SEM for content management and other formats from the article
Create -- don't disseminate. Make it shareable, not just comparable. And optimize, optimize, optimize.

10 November 2012

Adobe Webinar

How to Succeed with Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs)

When: Thursday, November 15, 2012 10AM PT / 11AM MT / 1PM ET


Chris Haleua - Product Manager, Media & Advertising Solutions
Kiyoshi Ihara - Product Manager, Adobe AdLens
James Varughese - Business Analyst, Adobe AdLens

Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are more than a new Google ad format. They are transforming search marketing with a rare combination of high volume and profitable efficiency, and they are no longer free.

Now that Google has moved all product listings to a CPC model, search marketers need to move quickly to capitalize on this new opportunity. Adobe AdLens can show marketers how to create, manage and optimize PLAs through a single interface.

In this webcast learn how to:

· Create product targets, leveraging existing data feeds
· Analyze Product Listing Ads at the SKU level for increased visibility
· Automate bid optimization and forecast performance in this new auction environment

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