12 April 2006

Beware of the Hoopla Sites: Traffic, Track, Hits and Blog Hoopla

As a marketer who used, recommended and promoted TrafficHoopla, HitsHoopla, TrackHoopla and BlogHoopla, I must in all honesty tell others to Beware the Hoopla sites.

At last count, there are TrafficHoopla, TrackHoopla, HitsHoopla and BlogHoopla.

In February I tried the new service, HitsHoopla. When I ran my web stats program, I noticed the hits were coming from one referrer, eileentrainor2 on server 2hits.us. When I went out to 2hits.us, I saw two folders with my name on them (along with everyone else's name who had a campaign running with HitsHoopla). I looked around and could not figure out what the site was doing, so on 2/22 I sent the following email to HitsHoopla support:

I was surprised to see my website stats include referrer eileentrainor2. When I went to the page: http://2hits.us,I saw 2 folders: eileentrainor and eileentrainor2, one for each of my websites. What exactly is the software referenced at: http://2hits.us/info.php?

I received a terse reply from Mr. Bill Carr that said most traffic exchanges use tracking software and redirects. There was no explanation about why my name was published on their 2hits website. However, I took what he said for truth and went about my business.

In March, I was notified by Google that the traffic on both my websites appeared to be autosurf-like traffic and that I was endangering my AdSense accounts. The only change in marketing strategy I had made was to use HitsHoopla. I notified Mr. Bill Carr of this information on April 10 in response to an advertisement for HitsHoopla. I thought if he knew about it then he could fix the problem.

I just wanted to write about the traffic I purchased from hits hoopla.
It almost cost me my Adsense accounts on both sites because it was considered an autosurf-type traffic.

Thus he began a long series of threatening emails which ended in him cancelling my TrafficHoopla membership.

I was very disappointed and tried to get him to see that I was the customer and he was being very unprofessional.

This morning, he deleted my blog at BlogHoopla.

Just so you know, beware of the Hoopla sites.


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Anonymous said...

This looks like there are some good peices of info but its all hard to read...

cicilemarker said...

I was just about use Hoopla.. Thanks for the info!! worth it!!

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