12 May 2006

Internet Community of 694 Million Worldwide

comScore Networks today announced the launch of comScore World Metrix, the first true estimate of global online audience size and behavior. Detailing activity from the largest online behavioral research panel, World Metrix statistics will be released in June with the data for May.

Measuring Engagement

Using hours spent online during March as the measurement of engagement, Israel was totally engaged (number one). In Israel, the average user spent 57.5 hours online in March, twice as much as their counterpart in the USA. The other top five countries were Finland, South Korea, the Netherlands and Taiwan, a direct correlation with the rate of broadband penetration in these areas of the world.

Online Profiling

comScore will present data on 694 million Internet users aged 15-year-old and older who were online in March. This reflects 14 percent of the world population within this age group! The panel included major Asian countries like China, Japan, India and Korea, representing almost 25 percent of the total worldwide online population.

Media Favorites

comScore issued a peek at the top 15 media properties worldwide. Goggle (495.8 million) and Yahoo! (480.2 million) followed MSN, with 538.6 million global users. Yahoo! Led the world in page views, with 137.2 billion, followed by Goggle (108.7 billion) and MSN (96.2 billion).

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