26 August 2006

Search Engine Strategy : Natural or Paid Search

If you want visitors to find your site through search engines, you have two choices: paid search and natural search.

Using paid search, you may advertise using specific key phrases and track the results of these key phrases. If those key phrases do not drive provide clickthroughs to your website, then you may select other key phrases and track those.

With natural search, you must optimize your site, page by page, for a few key phrases. The question is: How do you find these key phrases? If you start with paid search, you will quickly learn which key phrases convert into traffic, leads and sales. Then you may use this data to target key words or key phrases for search engine optimization, the beginning of your natural search campaign.

Of course, whether to use paid search marketing or natural search engine optimization and natural search is your choice. For some more information on paid search and natural search, you may want to visit Apogee Search. For more information on this company, please read this post on Apogee Search Engine Marketing and this post on Apogee search SEO glossary.

Why do I like these guys? They are based in Austin, so I know the service you receive will be Texas friendly.

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