29 August 2006

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Here is the story of Gaby:
My name is Gaby, I'm 17 years old, and I live in Mexico. I enjoy many things in life. I love to read and write poems, you'll see some lines of my poems in my blog. I also like to daydream, I don't know if that's good or bad. I just know that I can't help it, I'm a daydreamer.
Gaby writes poetry, full of the angst of a 17 year old girl. I found it difficult to read about and to remember those times when, as teenagers, we had to pretend all was well, even if the our boyfriend had cheated on us with our best friend and we felt like dying. Instead, we would hold our head up high, swallow those troubled thoughts inside and think . . .

I'll Cry Tonight

I'll wait for the sky to turn dark,
That's when I'll take off my mask,
Pain and loneliness will fill my eyes,
And slowly erase my fake smile.

I'll cry when no one's arround,
Cause I don't want them to find out,
The weakness that lives within me,
The feeling that makes me incomplete.

I don't speak the tears of my soul,
Cause that's all they need to know,
To try their best to make the worst,
To make my nightmare, be so close.

And if there's someone who reallly cares,
It doesn't matter cause no one understands,
So they'll never hear from me,
Cause to share pain, there's no need.

So I will smile right now,
And I'll cry tonight,
Just right now, I'll seem alright,
I'll just hold my tears tight.

xoxo Gaby

God bless you, Gaby. Everything will be better and the pain of today will lessen. Revisit your past and say hello to Gaby. Tell her CyberCelt sent you.

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Gabriela said...


Thanks for the introduction, and for accepting my bid. I really appreciate it. =)


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