05 August 2006

What Do You Love About Blogging?

Every woman with a blog is invited to participate in the Blogging Chicks Carnival this week.

You do not have to join BloggingChicks to participate. Try it, you will like it!

The topic this week is:
What Do You Love About Blogging?

Here is what to do TODAY!

1) Write a post on your blog about what you love about blogging.
2) Write a teaser sentence with a link to your blog.
3) Send the teaser and life link to your blog in an email today to:

Tomorrow, go to BloggingChicks and attend the carnival! Visit the blogs, read the posts, comment if you like. It is a great way to discover blogs that you would never know existed! Make friends, have fun, enjoy visits and comments on your blogs. It is an enjoyable, relaxing Sunday activity.

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