29 September 2006

Affililate Marketing - Making the Most of Q4

The fourth quarter of 2006 will be the biggest retail quarter of the year. Jupiter Research reported that online retail sales totaled $81 billion in 2005 and will top $100 billion in 2006. So, what is up for the last quarter?

Happy Halloween - Consumer spending reached $3.29 billion in 2005. Hot items for this month are candy, costumes, make-up, accessories, decorations and novelty products. According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween is the sixth-largest consumer spending holiday.

Thank Heaven for November
- Restaurant, food and entertainment items sell during November. Food, wine, cigar or chocolate of the month clubs are always popular. The Friday after Thanksgiving Day (Black Friday) is the busiest retail shopping days of the year, as people turn out in droves to hit the shopping mall and jumpstart their Christmas shopping.

The Monday following Thanksgiving (Black Monday) is one of the busiest online shopping days of the year, as savvy consumers avoid the crowds at the mall and enjoy the convenience of shopping from home. Thus begins the retail shopping rush with electronics, apparel, and items for children.

Remember Sweet December - According to Media Metrix, the first three weeks of December are the heaviest online shopping weeks of this quarter. With retail shopping already in full force since Black Friday, December 1-22 mark the last minute rush to get holiday items.

According to MSN shopping, popular holiday are jewelry, computers, televisions, home furnishings, housewares, clothing for men and women and accessories. Electronics, such as digital media players, playstations, and digital cameras, are also some of the top items purchased.

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