09 September 2006

Excuse me, I have a fax coming in

SAN SALVADOR (Reuters) - Four prisoners in an El Salvador jail hid cellphones, a phone charger and spare chips in their bowels so they could coordinate crimes from their cells, prison officials said on Wednesday.

Evidently, reader brought the proximity of the Vonage keychain phone and the prisoners' story to the attention of AdRants.
It's too bad the four prisoners weren't able to see this news story about how their anal activities were discovered which had an ad for Vonage's much slimmer, more bowel friendly keychain phone next to it. Of course, the keychain phone requires the use of a PC which we are certain is not bowel friendly.
This all reminds me of an old joke. Three women sitting in a hot tub. Ring, ring. One woman pushes a button on her watch and talks for awhile. Second woman says, "that watch phone is so old school. I have an implant!" Second woman pushes on the bone beneath her ear and makes a phone call. The third woman, hopelessly technologically challenged, takes the opportunity to go to the bathroom. When she returns from the rest room, she is trailing a long piece of toilet paper. When the other two women bring it to her attention, she gasps, recovers and then says: " Oh, that! I have a fax coming in."

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