10 October 2006

Success Blog : Blue Panther Experience

The Success Blog this week is The Blue Panther Experience. This blog has been in existence for almost one year and is written by a man who lives in India. He has a unique perspective on life and we could all learn from him:
. . . "What can I do? I am but one man." . . . if we stop to look back and reflect, it will not take long before one realizes that it is the effort of one man that does make a difference. . . . If a Martin Luther King, Jr. or a Mahatma Gandhi or even Jesus Christ had thought that he is but one man, I dont know what shape the world would have been today. All it takes is one man's belief in himself and the people.
He ponders issues on which we all have opinions and yet offends none:
It should be accepted that we are not all born equal. Some of us are born rich, some poor, some black, some white, some geniuses, some autistic and these differences will remain till the end of time. Yes, its possible to get over them but for that we have to accept that not all men are born equal, but the right they have on this planet, on the air we breathe, on the food we eat and the right to live decently is equal for all.
I wish he lived in the USA so he could run for public office because his sense of justice is exquisite:
Transformation of a society is a complex process, and brought about by individuals that dare to swim against the flow. . . . it is absolutely essential that every society continuously breeds a set of people who constantly challenge the way things are done. Any society that does not provide for such individuals will surely and slowly disappear into the annals of history.
He tells these stories about two boys, 12 and 14 years old:
Life always tries to teach you something. Every moment is a moment to learn something. Something that can help you do better at your chosen line of work or something that can help you live your life better.this blog is about two kids . . .
He involves his readers in his writing:

2 women with childrenThis picture was taken when, one fine morning, I was stuck in traffic. I saw this and something about the scene struck me. I will tell you what, but before that I will let you see the picture for yourself and attempt a guess at what it was or maybe you can throw some light on the picture from an entirely different perspective.

Please visit The Blue Panther Experience by clicking that blog icon in the sidebar. Tell him CyberCelt sent you!

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