13 October 2006

Your Mother Plays Video Games!

The second quarter results of Game Metrix, a quarterly syndicated study from comScore Media Metrix, found that video games have much broader appeal than teenage boys. The gaming devices used were categorized into PC (CD/DVD), console and mobile.

The study found the average age of the gamer to be 41 years old, with 84 percent having broadband access at home and an average annual income of $55,000. Females account for 52 percent of all gamers.

Experience and Word-of-Mouth are Top Motivators in Game Purchase

More then 25 percent of those using each type of device stated that prior experience with the game led to purchase. Also, sequels to an original game led gamers to purchase the first game. The next most popular responses indicated the importance of word-of-mouth in influencing purchase behavior.

Advergaming and Level of Engagement

Heavy gamers were more likely to accept in-game advertising (advergaming); 37 percent agreed that games featuring actual products or companies in games feel more realistic, and 50 percent believe advergaming is inevitable and will be in all or most games in the future.

Light and medium gamers held different views. Only 27 percent of these gamers approve of advergaming, while 42 percent of light/medium gamers believe that advergaming is the future.

  • Heavy gamers played games at least 16 hours per week or played games on two or more devices for at least 11 hours per week.
  • Light/ medium gamers played video games for less than 11 hours per week.
  • One quarter of respondents qualified as heavy gamers, while the remaining 75 percent fell into the light/medium gamer segment.
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I miss my video games. Hey, thanks for your comments, Ilove it. Happy weekend!!!

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