05 December 2006

Buzz Words at Search Insider Summitt

The information in 1-10 below was taken from The Buzz At The Search Insider Summit (November 29, 2006). Aaron Goldman, Director of Client Strategy and Development for Resolution Media, attended the Search Insider Summit and kept a running tally of how many times a particular buzz word was mentioned. His sense of humor and scorekeeping gives us a very unique look at search engine marketing.

1. Branding-27 mentions
It seemed like a single panel did not pass without someone offering up a new way to harness the power of search for driving brand awareness, preference, or purchase intent.
2. Integration-24 mentions
Speakers and attendees alike were in agreement that search cannot live in a silo, and the most effective marketing programs incorporate and are informed by search.
3. Engagement-13 mentions
With the focus on search as a branding tool, engagement emerged as the key metric for measuring the impact of search on purchase intent.
4. Assists-9 mentions
. . . term Yahoo has introduced to speak to the ability of certain keywords to . . . assist a conversion event . . . anything that puts hard data against softer search metrics will help us fight the branding battle.
5. Mobile, Local tied with 8 mentions each
Certainly, the engines are all improving their local capabilities and enhancing the user experience with smart features and maps. However, it's the wireless carriers that hold the power as mobile content improves and WAP-supported handsets and Web sites proliferate.
6. Long Tail-4 mentions
From describing keyword selection to content availability, the Long Tail has become the analogy du jour of media and marketing insiders.
7. E-mail-2 mentions
Craig Swerdloff from Return Path described how basic e-mail strategies can be used to improve search performance and vice versa.
8. Click Fraud-1 mention (tied wth 9 and 10 below)
It seems click fraud has become something of a non-issue, as most search agencies and internal marketing teams already have strategies in place for monitoring and acting on it--just like any other variable that contributes to poor campaign performance. And, clearly, the engines are working tirelessly on stopping it.
9. Truthiness-1 mention (tie)
Stephen Colbert fans will applaud Chris Heuer from Social Media Club for using this term as he recommended best practices for leveraging social media. Take heed, floggers!
10. Relevance-1 mention (tie)
Collectively, we need to find a way to make all advertising as relevant as search. Then we can flip the script and move from talking about how search can be used for branding, to how all media can be used for searching.

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