15 December 2006

Flogging and the Federal Trade Commission

Great article today on Gaming Insider from MediaPost. The fake blog that I wrote about a few days ago (Sony/PSP/Zipatoni flog) really has people upset. Bloggers and gamers all over the Internet are calling for action, patting themselves on the back and generally creating a huge buzz about it.

There is talk of the Federal Trade Commission becoming involved! If things are not confused already, lets bring in the government. Maybe there are a few other rights we can afford to lose, hey?

Sony took down the flog, AllIWantForXmasIsaPSP.com, which was targeted at gamers. You may view a mirror site here if you want to view the flog at its finest. I am not sure if the gamers are angry because of the fake blog or because the portrayal of the two supposed gamers on the flog was so very lame. You look and tell me.

Photograph from AllIWantForXmasIsaPSP.com

AllIWantForChristmasIsAPS3.com is a knockoff blog that portrays Sony’s PSP as an expensive, ill-conceived, inferior choice to other gaming machines. Warning, knockoff blog is a bit rough (R-rated).

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