18 April 2007

Flip books are back!

A flip book is a series of drawings or pictures that change just a little, from one page to the next. When you "flip" the book, the series simulates action or motion. Used before cinema for entertainment, both adult and child. If you grew up before the age of computer animation, you will remember these flip books. They were found in the bottom of cereal and snack boxes when you were growing up. You may have made your own.

Flip books have recently emerged as an advertising tool. Check out the website of Flippies Custom Flip Books, sponsor of this post, and you will see that flip books have become much more sophisticated. These flip books tell a story; flip the book over and the story is reversed. Flip books are an engaging, interactive advertisement that will not break your advertising budget.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I loved these when I was a kid, really neat idea

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