23 May 2007

Understanding the Cultural Landscape

This is a great article that hits on something marketers really need to understand, the cultural landscape in which we move, which include the minutiae of our daily life as well as our wants, needs, feelings, attitudes and obsessions. The article is well-written and includes an example of the success of understanding this landscape.

Advertising Age - CMO Strategy - Understand the Ecosystem of Consumer Demand
Listening to Customers or Studying Them Isn't Enough if You Really Want to Incorporate Your Brand Into Their Daily Lives. By Erich Joachimstahler and Agathe Blanchon-Ersham. Published: May 21, 2007
When studying the ecosystem of demand, the real motivations of young men emerge. All their activities, many of their daily goals, activities and priorities, are focused on the single-most-important occupation of young men: to get the girl.

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