14 June 2007

bla.st : Free International Web Directory

Directories are a great way to promote your website or blog. bla.st is a new international web directory with a twist. Instead of the same old boring layout, bla.st uses cards to display your listing. Look at the bottom of this blog and you will see samples of cards.

Advertise and promote your website or blog on bla.st for free. If you have something to say, sell or service, try bla.st. You upload a card, add tags, URL, map reference and a tag line. If you wish to, you may pay a few cents per day to improve your card position on the page and to increase how often your card appears on the bla.st widget network.

Viewers may browse categories and search tags on the bla.st site or just discover your card on a widget. Needless to say, the better your card appears, the more clicks you will receive. All cards appear in both the main bla.st directory and on the bla.st widget network (like cards in footer of this blog). You are able to track clicks and views on the bla.st site and widgets.

You can use bla.st to find or promote any of the following:
  • Businesses
  • Websites & Blogs
  • Products & Services
  • Sales & Specials
  • Events
  • Non-Profits & Charities
  • Software
It is easy to get started and you do not have to be a graphic designer to have a card. Look at mine! It is not going to win any awards, but I may swap it out for another later.

Advertising For Success Blog card

So, what are you waiting for? You will need an image exactly 270 x 165 pixels in size @ 72dpi in GIF, JPEG or PNG format that is less than 30KB in size. They have a template on site so that you can download it and design your own card. Get started by clicking here to visit bla.st free international web directory.


CyberCelt said...

@biby cletus-Thank you for stopping by. I have visited your blog and love your global perspective. I have faved it to Technorati so I may keep up with your writing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the resource. Just submitted my site to the directory.

Em said...

Thanks for this heads up. Will definitely check out bla.st!

Anonymous said...

I also want to thank you for the resourde. I just submitted my site http://www.pasmallen.se to the directory.

CyberCelt said...

@anonymous - Thank you.

@anonymous-check back for new ways to promote your blog. Note the directories in the sidebar.

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