28 June 2007

Finding Friends Online : What Do You Think?

FriendFinder is an online social network with over 1.7 million members worldwide. The website is available in ten languages. Check it out; guests may enter FriendFinder and browse the listings, but you may not post a listing unless you join. However, standard member is free; you may chat, send instant messages, browse through member profiles and access the online magazine. There is also an upgraded membership with more benefits.

At FriendFinder, it is easy to meet people. There is an online magazine, blogs and adult chat rooms. You may browse by state or country. The site is user friendly. You may search for profiles by zip code, state, country or age. It appears that this site is for people of all ages and could be a good way to meet people.

My one experience with online dating was not a good one. Basically, I was a single parent and was craving some adult conversation. I had tried the Parents Without Partners route and that was a nightmare, with predators masquerading as single parents. If they were parents, there kids were older than I was! So, I decided to try finding someone online. I do not even remember the name of the site, but it was where you join and look at profiles. There were some search functions, but the site was not interactive.

I think I sent two messages. One man wrote back that he could not handle children. Another man said he was not into BBW, but was open to women with children. I wrote back and said I had no idea what a BBW was and made a few guesses (bare back women, blond but wow women, beautiful Black women, etc.). He wrote back and said, "No, it is big, beautiful women; another word for FAT." I decided online dating was not for me. I did not even know the acronyms. LOL!

Have you ever had an experience with online dating? Share it.


Anonymous said...

Well that man was an ass I hate online dating services.

CyberCelt said...

@amanda-I agree. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I met some really nice people online but I never dated any of them.

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