20 June 2007

No More Pop Tarts, Fruit Loops or Rice Crispies

I think this is a great idea as most of Americans, including children, are overweight if not obese. If advertisers put the same amount of savvy into advertising healthful foods, kids may eat better, have fewer cavities and reduce the risk of juvenile diabetes.

Advertising Age - Kellogg Move Bodes Ill for Ads to Kids
By agreeing to market to kids only the 50% of its brands that meet certain nutritional criteria, Kellogg has kick-started an industry trend expected to throw into play some $1 billion or more in marketing dollars.
What do you think? Will the kids miss the sugary cereal ads or will they just take it in stride? Let me know what you think.


CyberSt0rm said...

Americans are really overweight. On a trip there a few years ago I noticed huge people. This is a step in the right direction for the 'fast-food' nation!


CyberCelt said...

@cyberst0rm-I know. I have a new blog, called Losing Proposition, about my struggle with weight loss.

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