11 June 2007

Tired of Late Night Male Enhancement Ads?

Normally, the TV goes off at 11 pm at night when the male enhancement advertisements begin. However, with Cuba Gooding, Jr., a low key approach, and a very funny storyline, this commercial will give you a big belly laugh. It is not x-rated, but it may confuse young children. Use your judgment in deciding who should view this ad.

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Anonymous said...

OMG that is too, too funny! Even if I am tired of my 7 year-old asking "Mommy, what's erectial dysfunction?"

Anonymous said...

LOL that's great! Good find. I'm so sick of those commercials too ... I wish they were all this funny.

CyberCelt said...

@venonmous kate-Isn't it awful? I usually turn the TV off when I start to see the ED and Girls Gone Wild video ads start.

@tricia-If one-half of the budget of these pharmaceutical companies use for ED ads were put into cancer, think what could be accomplished.

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