20 July 2007

Could I use a pressure washer?

My son moved out a month or so ago. I have been putting off going into his room and bathroom to prepare it for painting and new flooring, knowing that if I looked too close, I would lose heart. The bedroom is bad. I think I will have to strip the carpet out of his bedroom and scrape the walls down before I can paint.

The bathroom is worse. I have cleaned and cleaned, but the dirt is not going anywhere. I am going to have to pull the toilet, the bathtub enclosure and the bathroom vanity, and just coat the walls and cement with a serious disinfectant and let it work overnight. If that does not work, I guess I will use a pressure washer! LOL

I am going to replace everything in that boy's bathroom. I have been looking at Bathroom Vanities from homelivingstyle.com, sponsor of this post. There are some gorgeous vanities on that website, but I thinking I need industrial plumbing--just in case the boy moves home!

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