27 July 2007

Do Ads Sync with Online Video?

The only ad I will tolerate in a video is an advertisement while the video loads. Audience reactions to online video advertising will ultimately shape how marketers and Web publishers use this medium.

Online Video Advertising Sticking Points - eMarketer - read the article

From the article:
According to the "Online Video Advertising" report from online advertising company Burst Media, 77.5% of those who watch video online find video ads intrusive, while 62.2% say they disrupt their Web surfing experience. . . And despite the relative novelty of video on the Web, the problem of too many video ads was the least-liked aspect of online video mentioned by the most Internet users in a Synovate study commissioned by video search company Clipblast!
Online Video Ad Sticking Points, Pt.2 - eMarketer- read the article

From the article:
The length of online video ads has become a key pivot in determining how best to use the format. For example, NBC Universal recently announced that it would not accept online video ads longer than 15 seconds
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