05 July 2007

Google is Gobbling Up the World

Just An Online Minute » Blog Archive » Just An Online Minute… European Group Adds To Google Privacy Concerns

A leading consumer group in Europe has added its voice to the growing chorus of concern that the pending Google-DoubleClick merger will erode consumers’ privacy.
In a complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission, groups including the Electronic Information Privacy Center and Center for Digital Democracy said they, too, worry about the type of detailed information about consumers that Google will be able to amass.
What do you think should be done about the information that search engines and other online companies have accumulated? Does it worry you? Do you feel it is safe?


Anonymous said...

At this point I don't know if we can do a heck of a lot to protect our information. I think I am going to just go with my head in the sand approach.

CyberCelt said...

@kevin-I agree with you. Unless you are willing to change your name, move to Idaho and live without phone and Internet, your information is OUT THERE.

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