20 July 2007

Lead Management Software and CRM

Best known for lead management and website analytics software, AIMpromote can handle all the sales, management and customer relations aspects of our complex business environment today.

One area in which AIMpromote truly excels is in providing on-demand lead management software, which is simply the most feature-rich lead management solution available. This single web-based solution may be totally customized to meet your marketing needs.

Lead management is the process of capturing and analyzing leads. The goal of lead management may be to convert that lead to a new customer. You may also be in the business of providing leads to others. You can sell leads in any vertical market, automatically and as many times as you wish with AIMpromote's lead management software. AIMpromote allows you to set up and manage lead reseller client accounts.

Compare AIMpromote, sponsor of this post, to their leading competitors, Leads360 and SalesForce.com. AIMpromote offers free setup; lead management, website integration and Internet marketing; reporting, sales force and marketing automation; user management and authentication; support and consultation.

The AIMpromote Lead Management CRM Software offers lead aggregation companies the ability to successfully manage and totally run the entire process with one piece of web-based software. Test drive of this crm software with the free 14-day trial, today!

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