29 August 2007

The Greening of Madison Avenue

My, my, my. Things have changed on Madison Avenue. Until LiveEarth and a ground swell of support for acknowledging and countering global warming, most ad agencies would not work on a campaign having anything to do with the effects of global warming. In fact, the only environmental advertisements coming out of the large agencies were from the automakers and oil companies trying to green up their image!

Then The Alliance for Climate Protection, an organization formed last year by Al Gore, released a request for proposal (RFP) for a 3-5 year global multimedia campaign with projected media spending of $100+ million a year.

Advertising Age - Madison Ave. Warms to Climate Change
The Alliance's RFP is, as you might expect, part inspirational -- quoting Gandhi, M. Scott Peck, Erik Erikson, and of course Mr. Gore -- and part detailed description of the task ahead for the winner. That will involve convincing people to making the climate issue, which already has high awareness, a more actionable priority.

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