24 August 2007

Ph.D. in Dieting?

I started a diet a few months ago. I am still totally confused about weight loss supplements. Is Miracle burn better than Hoodia? Should you take two different weight loss supplements together? Does a patch work better than pills?

I found a website where you may read diet tips, shop for diet books and DVDs, find free trial offers, and research all the leading diet supplement products. The Diet Awareness Institute, sponsor of this post, has ranked all the dieting supplements so that you may compare them side by side.

I have decided to take the secret pill. It is called exercise and eating healthy. I think it may be safer, cheaper and easier than all this research!


Kilroy_60 said...

As you say, the secret pill is definitely the way to go.

I can only believe that any of the others you mentioned will only provide a quick, temporary fix or will fuel weight gain eventually to exceed where you started.

What I hear from one of my associates is that eating what you want in moderation is a piece of the puzzle many miss. Deprivation is, again, frequently what causes people to lose their way.

All the best with your weight loss program.

Now, I think, getting a bit of cardio may be the ticket to get the new week started.


CyberCelt said...

@kilroy-Thanks for commenting. I have a few entries for the rodeo, but am hoping a few more will trickle in.

Anonymous said...

No diet is perfect for everyone, but some are good for certain people. I found the South Beach Diet works for me, but it may not work for you.

I do believe however that Colon Cleansing, while it may not help you lose a ton of weight, is very good for your body.

Kimberly Dawn said...

I agree with True Diet Reviews regarding Colon Cleansing. An natural detox diet such as the Total Wellness Cleanse is a great way to naturally detox the body and cleanse the colon in a non-harmful way. I have videos of me going through the cleanse if you would like to view them. :o)

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