11 August 2007

Real Estate Could Get Boost from Technology

I have been looking at becoming involved in the real estate business. Not so much going around listing and selling homes, but becoming a Internet and technology specialist for some of the local Realtors.

When we went to sell my husband Michael's home last year, I was amazed at how few of the area Realtors could be located online. I was also amazed that nothing had changed since the last time I purchased a home, 18+ years ago. Everything still has to be done by hand, including the forms.

Hardly any of the local Realtors are taking advantage of the technology available, like virtual tours, 360-degree views, hot spots for information on appliances and amenities, digital photographs that show what people want to see.

I am going to contact a GMAC real estate agent first, as GMAC is the sponsor of this post. I will take it from there.


SandyCarlson said...

Good luck with that. We have used Realtor.com, but it's a nightmare because you can't get very specific with location. You put in a town and you're looking at a zillion listings. Somehow, mapquest and the realtor world should be together on this and making it easy. I know a Realtor who all but blew off a potential client by suggesting he wasn't worth taking to show a property because he probably didn't have the money for the place. The realtor was very, very wrong. Online info would have saved him from insulting a (now lost) client and might even have helped sell the property. Go for it!

CyberCelt said...

@sandy carlson-I have approached a few realtors, but they all claim it costs too much. They just don't get it.

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