10 August 2007

Wisdom of Invisible Crowds and BT

MediaPost Publications - Targeting Relationships - 07/25/2007
We try to pay close attention to the way people interact with the pages they visit. We look at how quickly or slowly they scroll across particular pages, what terms they highlight or right click to get more information about a given item, their link density. Other areas like click path and time spent that elucidate engagement are also increasingly important to us. (read complete article).

This is an interesting article about behavioral targeting and provides some insight into what BT can do for your website. Phil Leggierre (Behavioral Insider, MediaPost publications) interviews Mike Svatek, marketing director and product manager of Baynote, a firm that provides content guidance with
the Wisdom of Invisible Crowds™--the implicit, emergent behaviors of website visitors who are anonymous and unknown to each other-- to guide like-minded website visitors to the most useful content and information.

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