10 September 2007

Advertising from the Air : Crops and Fields

rice patty art
Pimp my rice paddy ::: Pink Tentacle - view all pictures

From the blog:
Each year, farmers in the town of Inakadate in Aomori prefecture create works of crop art by growing a little purple and yellow-leafed kodaimai rice along with their local green-leafed tsugaru-roman variety.

Meanwhile, back in the States:

Whole Wheat Sara Lee
MediaPost Publications - Out to Launch - 09/06/2007
Kansas changed its unofficial nickname from "The Wheat State" to the "The Whole Wheat State" yesterday to support Sara Lee's Soft & Smooth Switcheroo: Take Your Whole Grain Sandwich to School Day campaign. The crop image is made of all-natural materials, including 40 bales of wheat straw, 23 tons of crushed limestone and 50 bags of red mulch for the red Sara Lee logo.


SandyCarlson said...

These are amazing. Beautiful. Imagine the computer programmer that gets to lay out the field according to the ad needs of--somebody? So much for corn mazes and crop circles. This really kicks it up!

Suni said...

that's infinitely better than crop circles LOL

CyberCelt said...

@sandy-I believe it is an art form in Japan. Here in the USA, it is just advertising. LOL

@suni-Did you see the other pictures? These two were my favorites.

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