10 September 2007

Branson : Country Western Heaven

I have a good friend who recently moved to Missouri. She has been asking me to come visit, but I hate to stay in an apartment with a newly married couple. We may take a trip with the RV to see her. I have always wanted to visit Branson Missouri. I am not a big fan of country western music, but I do like some. Mainly, I just want to see it!

I found this website, BransonGetaways.com and they are have a 10th anniversary contest, so I entered. While I was there, I noticed that you can bid on vacations. Like an auction. You pick out where you want to stay, what shows you wish to attend, and submit your bid.

So if Branson is in your future, visit BransonGetaways.com, sponsor of this post, and enter the free contest.


Anonymous said...

Branson is more than a country western heaven - much more. In fact, many traditional country fans are wishing it were more country. Some like Gene Williams Country Television Show are supporting traditional country and...

Liverpool Legends, the ultimate Beatles tribute band, the Christian Family presents Music Makes the World Go Round - music from all over the world - Justin Flom's Magic Parlor and Imaginary Theatre, Branson's youngest headlining illusionist, are great shows that are not country.

When you get here you will be amazed you can see many shows and not hear a country song.

CyberCelt said...

@anonymous-Thanks for putting me straight. I have not been there, so I am suffering from the effects of stereotypical thinking. Sorry!

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