21 September 2007

Free Hit Counter Link Spam

Loren Baker, Editor of Search Engine Journal , discovered and exposed a hidden link, free-hit-counter spam operation that had number one natural search placement on Google. Not only that, but the operation used Google AdWords to lure unsuspecting webmasters into posting their link-ridden hit counter on their sites.

Google Loves Transparent Links & Hit Counter Spam - click to read post

From the post:

So, in conclusion here is what is wrong with this linking and ranking picture:

  • Google is giving top ranking to IdealPaydayLoans.com, a site which is using hit counter links and transparent link spam to build its backlinks.

  • Google should not be doing this and their quality engineering team should be able to pick up on such an unethical linking method for such a high dollar and competitive term. I hope that Matt Cutts and Adam Lasnik can offer their thoughts on the matter and how Google treats such linking techniques.

I wonder if Google used their on spam reporting form to blow the whistle on their company?

1 comment:

Free counter for site said...

yeah i have also heard about such kind of scams.And i am sure that any such unethical techniques will be penalized sooner or later.Free hit counters are good tools to analysis behavior of your visitors.I think we should go for some reliable counters.I also think that PHP page counters also give you ample information on what order the visitors are accessing pages and what they prefer.

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