19 September 2007

My Wall St. can be Yours

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There is a new financial networking site called MyWallSt.net. If you have ever wanted to become more educated in your investment strategies or to have your questions answered, this may be the place for you.

MyWallSt.net is like your homepage on the site. This includes your profile, search engine, your blog posts and where you may access the Rookie Challenge. The Rookie Challenge is a virtual trading platform that rookie traders use to test their guesses and picks against other rookies. If win, you could receive up to $1000. You have to join the Rookie, and to be eligible to win cash or prizes, you must complete your MyWallSt.net profile, including photos and other information, and have at least 5 friends.

The WallSt.net tab is where you will find exclusive information, financial news, interviews, podcasts, tools and forums. You may get a detailed stock quote here as well.

The Wealth Expo tab will display information on the Expo being held in October in New York City and other locations in 2008. Make your plans to talk to experts, to attend seminars or to market your own business opportunity by renting exhibition space. See the site for more information.

Another part of the website is dedicated to WallStRadio, where you may find podcasts on the following topics: Business news, large cap, small cap, fund, personal finance, investment education, corporate podcasts and technology.

The information on WallSt.net is updated so you never work from outdated financial data or analyses. You may communicate with your friends about stock picks. Read the forum to ask questions and find information. The social network aspect of WallSt.net could be very useful in preventing investment errors and may actually lead to better stock picks.

The information contained on this site is a wealth of educational tools for you to use. Visit today and take the Rookie Challenge.

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