26 September 2007

Reporters Without Borders

Don’t wait to be deprived of news to stand up and fight for it

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Reporters Without Borders (Reportrers sans frontieres) describes the dangers journalists have faced in Iraq since the start of the war, which, by the way, is the bloodiest war for media casualties since World War II. At least 203 journalists and media assistants have been killed while doing their job; 14 have been kidnapped and 2 are still missing. Who were these men and women journalists killed for doing their job? How were they killed or kidnapped, and by whom? Click here to read complete article on the RSF website

Beijing 2008
At least 30 journalists and 50 Internet users are currently detained in China. Some of them since the 1980s. The government blocks access to thousands for news websites. It jams the Chinese, Tibetan and Uyghur-language programmes of 10 international radio stations . . . Click to read more.

List of Internet enemies

Three countries - Nepal, Maldives and Libya - have been removed from the annual list of Internet enemies. Many bloggers were harassed and imprisoned this year in Egypt, so it has been added to the roll of shame reserved for countries that systematically violate online free expression. Click to read more...

Take Action

More than 100 journalists remain in prison for crimes such as revealing inconvenient truth, advocating for personal freedoms and refusing to be censored. There are currently 20 petitions that you may sign to show your support of RSF and your condemnation of this injustice. Click here to sign petitions.

Survival Gear

Reporters Without Borders offers journalists legal and other material (a Practical Guide, a Safety Charter, training courses and other facilities) as well as safety equipment (bulletproof jackets, helmets, distress beacons and first-aid kits) and a hotline for those in trouble in the field. Click here to view.

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