17 September 2007

Uncle Buck with John Candy

I saw this John Candy movie yesterday called Uncle Buck. It was great! Uncle Buck has a reputation for being unreliable and a bit of a house wrecker. It is therefore with reluctance, his sister-in-law agrees to leave Buck looking after the kids (two harmless youngsters and a rebelious teenager) when she visits her sick father.

Buck takes over the house, and Buck tries to do the best he can with the kids while he's having problems with Chanice Kobolowski, his girlfriend. From cleaning clothes in microwave ovens to taking the kids to the track because Tia decides to ditch them, Uncle Buck tries his best to be what he thinks a good uncle should be.

When Tia is embarrassed to arrive at school in a beater with a backfire, Uncle Buck says, "be here at 4 pm or I am driving to school tomorrow in pajamas and walking you to your first class." Called into the Principal's office about the younger girl child not meeting expectations, Uncle Bucks let her have it.

Buck bonds with the younger kids and wins their love, but Buck has problems with Tia the teenager as he tries to protect Tia from her boyfriend Bug. When he catches Bug kissing Tia, he wants to show Bug his axe. It was hysterical to see that boy run.

I had not seen this movie before, but I found it sad, hysterical, truthful and beautiful. John Candy was a great actor and he died before his time. I am glad he found time to make this movie. I highly recommend it.


stmesser said...

I just ordered Comcast Cable TV and they showed this movie just a few days ago. I realy liked it! Thank you for an advice!

Anonymous said...

John Candy was a legend! He died in his mid forties which robbed us of a fantastic comedy actor far too early. My personal favorite is Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

Anonymous said...

i remember this movie from when i was little! fun times! good movie...

Anonymous said...

This movie, along with Stripes and Planes, Trains & Automobiles are proof that John Candy was a comedic genius.

He was in other good comedies, but his acting in those three in particular cemented his place of honor in my mind.

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