15 September 2007

Yahoo! and Dark Horse SEM

MediaPost Publications - An Open Question... - 09/06/2007 - read article

From the article:
During New York Fashion Week, searching "fashion" at m.yahoo.com will return a prominent helping from its promotional partner ELLE's coverage of the event. There are blog entries, an image of the magazine cover, a direct link to subscribe, and sign-ups for ELLE text alerts. This is not to say that there aren't "natural" search results down there somewhere, but on my Samsung phone they were a good ten screens down.

My thoughts: This is unfortunate if it is true because the size of the screen for mobile search is limited. If search engine results are to be slanted toward specific advertisers, it taints the entire search process. This is dark horse SEM and will not be tolerated by searchers. Yahoo! may find themselves totally out of the mobile search market because no one uses the search engine.

What do you think?

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