29 October 2007

Bloggers, Villagers and Readers

Thank You
for visiting

and participating at

Advertising for Success blog

during the holidays

Below are some goodies for you!

If you would like to have the treat below to decorate your blog, please take it and link to Hootin' Annie for creating this fun.

Halloween Treat
Here is a little Thanksgiving Humor for you to take away from Maxine:

Maxine Does Thanksgiving

Please share my wish for all people of all faiths and creeds--Peace:

One God Peace Symbol

If you would like a Peace Globe like the one below for your blog, please click to visit Mimi Writes blog to join in the BlogBlast for Peace on November 7, 2007. You may also click here to see my Peace Globe.

Peace Globe

Here is a light colored Holiday background for your blog or web site:

Holiday Background
Take home the first Christmas Tree of the Season:

Christmas Tree of Lights
To save any of these pictures, just right-click on the graphic and Save Image As to your computer. Again, thank you for visiting and participating at Advertising for Success blog. Yes, you may take the Pilgrim picture with the dog and cat in costumes.


Anonymous said...

Hohoooo! That first one cracked me up! If only my kids got along as well as cats and dogs...

Jackie said...

It was great participating and what great entries there were, I had a wonderful time reading them all.

Thanks for the graphics.

CyberCelt said...

@loonymom-Thanks for stopping by. I used to have a whole set of dog and cats in costumes. I will have to find them.

@jackie-You are most welcome. I hope you will participate in carnivals. Your blogs are wonderful and I enjoy visiting.

SandyCarlson said...

That's a great photo. I like your sense of humor!

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