25 October 2007

Deadline extended! Submit to Fall Fest soon!

Blog Village Quarterly Carnival
Fall Fest
October 29, 2007

Fall Fest, The Blog Village Quarterly Carnival, will be held on Advertising for Success blog on Monday, October 29, 2007. Select your best Halloween or Fall post and submit it today. Do it now, so you do not forget . . .


Jackie said...

Submitted article to Blog Carnival (wish they would sort out their submission page as it has been a total mess since it started and put me off from ever having a Carnival myself).

Did a new entry in my "The Vegan Diet" blog for it as had nothing suitable (Summer not Fall here LOL).

CyberCelt said...

@jackie-Thank you. The BC is a bit odd. Just put in the URL and wait until the page updates before adding everything else, because it will autofill some of the fields. I am glad you are joining us. I always enjoy your blogs.

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