13 November 2007

Garage Sale on Freedom of the Press

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin wants to give away local ownership of local broadcast stations to newspaper chains to help their cash flow:

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The commission should modify only one of the four rules under review — the one that bars ownership of both a newspaper and a broadcast TV or radio station in a single market. And the rule should be modified only for the largest markets.

Marty Kaplan at the Huffington Post has summed up this outrage against the American people better than I could. Please read his article, especially what he says about newspapers being the "white boys' club." I love this guy.

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The public has given away, for free, its airwaves, to stations that generally do a dreadful job covering politics in their news programming, but that reap big bucks from political candidates, who in turn get the billions they spend on political ads from the public, and now the public is being asked to cut the newspaper industry in on that extortion racket in order to save democracy.
I am tired of the wholesale giveaways to big media, big oil, big timber and corporate America. Yet, if you oppose anything being done by the current administration, you are automatically labeled as "unAmerican." When we stop allowing our rights to be undermined in the name of "democracy?"


Anonymous said...

I agree about the reflections that the current administration has cut down quite a bit on the conversations and media coverage out there. Yet the environment in which the airwaves and the networks were begun in were very different from what they are now. How do you think we can get back the independence of the Press when so much of the mainstream Press is worried more about making money than about reporting all the sides of an issue?

Anonymous said...

I'd have no problem with dual ownership if there was greater support for low-power FM and community stations. At this point, it's those grassroots voices that are getting squeezed out of the local radio market and it's sad.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what happens as long as they take Big Buddha (that's his on air name) off of Fox 13 here in Salt Lake City. If I have to see him wearing his big hawaiin shirt in frong of any more cheerleaders doing cheers... On a serious note, what is with the airlines industry and newspaper industry getting these types of bailouts. It's rich guy insurance.

CyberCelt said...

@kango suz-I am afraid we must be vigilant in seeing that gigantic news corporations do not form. We have enough big business (oil, gas, automobile manufacturers).

@marie-We need to take action. Please see the post: http://advertising-for-success.blogspot.com/2007/08/

@austin-I do not know why bailouts are always for the big businesses and not the little guy.

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