20 November 2007

I won! I won! I won!

Kate at Electric Venom held a Spank Google, Win Flowers haiku contest. Check out Kate's blog and the other haikus. I must admit that I entered many times because it was just after the page rank snafu.

My winning haiku:
They said “do no harm”
Altruistic brainy boys
Playing with our lives.

I won $80 worth of flowers to be delivered worldwide! I choses a huge fruit basket and had it sent to my cousins in New York. My sister will be there for the holiday, so it will surprise her, too. If you think a fruit basket is a weird gift, I do not believe in cut flowers, and my cousins are diabetic and keep kosher, so it was easy to settle on the fruit basket. Thanks, Kate!


Anonymous said...

You're quite welcome. It was an awesome haiku!

Unknown said...

Congrats!! =)

Had a good chuckle on your haiku-bash

Not John Chow said...

Hi, I like your haiku! Not John Chow www.notjohnchow.com

CyberCelt said...

@venomous kate-Thanks again.

@Stev-Thank you. The gift was just a side benefit. I really enjoyed dumping on Google on Kate's blog.

@marilyn-Happy Thanksgiving!

@john-Thanks for stopping by.

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